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She left because she couldn’t do it anymore.
She left because she reached her limit. The screams of your clashes, the meltdowns of your 3AM arguments still echo in her mind… There was no way you guys would ever see eye to eye.

She left because she was exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The body can only take so much before it’s completely worn down. She left because it pained her to even say another word. So used up were her resources.

She left because she needed to be herself again.
She didn’t leave because she stopped loving you. She loved you (and still might), for all you were and who you were. But she couldn’t handle who you were anymore. Because who you were wasn’t letting her be who she was.

And that’s not what love’s supposed to do. Love is supposed to let two people be exactly who they are and let them flourish in their self-expression. Not keep one of them down and prevent them from being who they are.

She left because she wanted time.
She wanted time on her hands and time on her side. Time to let her breathe, and time to let you think. Only when you step away from a situation can you see it clearly. And by allowing you both to do that, she was giving you both an equal shot at a better future.

And whether that future includes the two of you together, or not, it’s definitely better than the alternative, which only included more disagreements.

She left because she already tried.
She didn’t walk away the second the waters got a little too rough. She stayed with her feet planted firm on the shaky ground for so long. She held on and on and on. Defended you and defended you to friend after friend, family member after family member.

She wanted to compromise, but those compromises were either your way or the high way. And a future isn’t going to be built with bricks that only you get to choose. It’s built with bricks you both shape and mold together, through mutual decisions and compromise.

She left because she had to.
She couldn’t stay because it would only hurt more. The cycle would only continue. And she had no choice but to find her way out. It was the only way. And as painful as heartbreak is to endure, staying together would only hurt you more in the long run.

So if you ask why she left, this is why she left.

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